Fishing in Perthshire


Perthshire is one of the world's most famous areas for Salmon fishing with the 119 mile River Tay dominating the county.

The River Tay is world renowned for its salmon fishing beats. But come here and discover some of the lesser known gems that Perthshire has to offer too. From tiny mountain lochs to powerful rivers. Fishing that is challenging yet relaxing, all among majestic, beautiful scenery - a potent combination. These waters offer great sport for beginners as well as the experienced fisher.

During the season, Loch Rannoch offers fishing either from the shore or from a boat, and is home to three forms of Arctic Charr, members of the salmon family. The three species of Arctic Charr are very different in appearance and behaviour, and it is not known how they come to be present in the loch. What is certain, however, is that the charr are a feature of the highland environment even more ancient than the gnarled pines that grace the loch shore. If you are a beginner or an expert you can fish for brown trout on our private lochan all year round. Fishing for brown trout is also available on the nearby Tay and Tummel.

More information about fishing in the rivers and lochs around Rannoch and Tummel is available HERE

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